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About me

Tracy Renee Byrne

Business Manager & Actor

Tracy is an accomplished voice-over actor having performed in radio-format shows, radio commercials and online web series.  She has performed with Gypsy Stage Company since its inception in roles such as the sweet and loving Mrs. Clause in the Christmas Musicals, Dancer the Footloose Reindeer & Chasing Santa; the wacky and feisty Maxine Wormly in the hilarious comedy, Mother Truckers; and the delightfully naughty Renee Tracy (no relation lol) in Love and Merger for which she may forever go down in the annals of history as, “the girl under the table.”  Additionally, it was her great joy to perform the role of Celia Hammond in the supernatural drama, Unspeakable!

She had the great honor of fulfilling the role of Stage Manager in Nora Swan: Murder Most Personal and when asked about that job, she had to say, “it is an amazing amount of work, but incredibly fulfilling in so many ways, including for my control freak tendencies.”

Tracy’s performing skills include acting, singing and a good sense of comedic timing.  She is a graphic artist and writer with 30 years of experience in her field and 10 years’ experience in “live-action script writing” also known as text-based role-play of historical and fictional characters for online game mediums.